7 questions to ask your partner to help build a stronger relationship


A little concern goes a long way to keep your relationship healthy and happy with your partner. When was the last time you asked your partner if he or she is comfortable with you? Don’t worry, we can understand and that is why we bring to you seven questions that you can ask your partner to make your relationship deeper and stronger…

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​What can I do to make you feel comfortable or loved?

Many couples start treading the wrong path by assuming things. It’s always better to ask if your partner feels the need to tweak some of your habits or introduce something new into the relationship. Maybe they want you to hug them before you step out for office, or perhaps they would like to spend some me-time every day. Talk it out and make sure you both are on the same page.

​What can I do to make you feel comfortable or loved? (via Br-art)

​How can I be a good support system?

This question might seem frivolous at first, but it may lead to some honest conversation with your partner. Ask them where you can support them better and make things a little easier for them. Your partner might simply ask you to chip in some help in household chores. Trust us, the conversation would be worth it.

​Is there something from the past that is bothering you?

Holding grudges about anything from the past will weaken your relationship stronger. Rather than sweeping things under the rug, ask your partner to share if there is something that is bothering him/her and try to sort the issue immediately.

​Is there something from the past that is bothering you? (via The Cheat Sheet)

​What can I say or do for you when you return from office?

Your partner is going to melt (not literally, of course) if you ask this question. They might want as little communication as possible once they enter home, or would like to be kissed and cuddled. It just takes a question to understand them better!

​Do you want me to touch like this?

Whether it’s playing with his/her hair, holding hands or wrapping your partner in your arms—ask what makes him/her feel loved and special. We are sure you will get a good hint and don’t forget to include it in your daily schedule.

Do you want me to touch like this? (via Glamour)

​Are you happy with our sex life?

Do we need to emphasise why this question is important? Ask them what they enjoy the most and where you can turn things steamier. An honest conversation on this topic will surely improve their level of sexual satisfaction.

​Are you stressed?

Ask your partner what are the main stress factors how you can help solve these. This will help you to get a sneak peek of what is going on in your partner’s head and how are he/she is struggling with it.

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